Aizenman, Carlos


Understanding the role of experience in

shaping the development of visual


Areas of interest:



Visually-Guided Behavior

Anderson, James

Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences

To develop preliminary hardware

designs, programming techniques, and

software applications for a brain-like

computing system. 

Areas of interest:

Brain-like computation: hardware and


Cognitive modeling using neural


Berson, David


Characterizing the physiology and

anatomy of retinal output channels

Areas of interest:

Retinal structure and function

Subcortical visual centers

Circadian rhythms

Bienenstock, Elie

Neuroscience/Applied Math

The nature of the code(s) that our

brains use to create, store, retrieve,

matchand compose---and more

generally compute with---neural

representations ofexternal events,

stimuli, sensations or actions still             

largely eludes us.

Black, Michael J.

Computer Science

Mathematical and computational models

of image motion with an emphasis on

human movement and discontinuous

optical flow.

Area of interest:

Computer vision

Human pose, shape and motion

Probabilistic models

Broackes, Justin


History of the theory of Perception from

the Ancient Greeks to the present day

Areas of interest:

Colour Vision

Colour Blindness

Burwell, Rebecca


The neural basis of attention and


Areas of interest:

visuospatial attention, memory,

parahippocampal function

Chappell, Richard L

Cellular Dynamics (MBL)

Understanding the role of zinc in

vision and disease.

Areas of interest:

Neural interactions of the retina

Retinal neuropharmacology

Zinc as a retinal neuromodulator

Cooper, David


Development and application of new

geometric, algebraic, and probabilistic

approaches, models, and algorithms for

recognizing and estimating 2D and 3D

geometric information from images,

video, and range data.

Areas of interest:

Pattern recognition

Applied stochastic processes

Computer vision

Cooper, Leon


Neural networks, including architecture,

learning rules, and real world

applications; the biological basis of

memory and learning.

Areas of interest:

Neural Networks

Learning and Memory Storage


Creton, Robbert

Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and

Biochemistry (MCB)

Automated analyses of behavior in

response to visual stimuli.

Areas of interest:



Visually-guided behavior

Domini, Fulvio

Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences

Areas of interest:

3D Shape Perception


Computational Modeling

Dunlop, Katherine


Early modern treatments of

mathematics and science, with special

reference to theories of perception.

Areas of interest:

Spatial representation

Epistemology of perception

Felzenszwalb, Pedro

Engineering and Computer Science 

Research description:

Models and algorithms for perception,

inference and learning.

Areas of interest:

Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence,

Machine Learning, Discrete Algorithms

Geman, Stuart

Applied Math

Physiological and anatomical

foundations of mental representation

Areas of interest:

Hierarchy in computer and biological


The role of fine-temporal structure in

neural representation.

Physiological and anatomical

foundations of mental representation.

Gidas, Basilis

Applied Math

Tracking and Recognizing Moving

Objects in Cluttered Environments

Areas of interest:

Computational Molecular Biology

Tracking Moving Objects

Speech Recognition

Matt Harrison

Applied Math

Statistical principles for unsupervised

learning of visual hierarchies.

Areas of interest:

Statistical methods in neuroscience

Pattern theory

Information theory

Perceptual organization

Hays, James

Computer Science

Scene understanding and image

manipulation driven by "Internet-scale"


Computer Vision

Scene Understanding

Computational Photography

Hill, Christopher


My current project is a book on


Areas of interest:


Metaphysics & Epistemology of


Truth-conditional semantics (truth,

reference, semantic correspondence

and related topics)

Jenkins, Odest (Chad)

Computer Science

Computational perception for human-

robot teams and robot learning

Areas of interest:

Robot Vision and Perception

Markerless Motion Capture

Action and Activity Recognition

Kimia, Benjamin


My interest is shape-based object

recognition, localization, and

categorization, as guided by

computational constrainsts as well as

the human visual system.

Areas of interest:

Object Recognition


Perceptual Grouping

Laidlaw, David

Computer Science

Building, testing, and understanding

computational and visualization tools for

application in scientific analysis.

Areas of interest:

Scientific visualization

Applied perception and cognition

McIlwain, James T.

Neuroscience (Emeritus)

Understanding spatial transformations

in the visual system

Areas of interest:

Oculomotor control

Distributed spatial coding

Sensory-motor transformations

Superior colliculus and its functions

Migliori, Michael E.  


Ophthalmologist in Chief

Rhode Island Hospital Division of

Ophthalmology, the primary teaching

facility for the Ophthalmology

Residency of the Warren Alpert Medical

School at Brown University.

Mumford, David

Applied Math (Emeritus)

What are the right mathematical models

for vision?

Areas of interest:

Theory of shape

Statistics of natural images

Mundy, Joseph


Joseph Mundy is developing a

Computer tomography (CT) analysis

system for characterizing microscopic

blood vessel structure in living tissue

that will be applied to the rapid drug

development of cancer blocking


Neskovic, Pedja

Physics (Research)

Biologically-inspired computer vision,

statistical pattern recognition, and

machine learning.

Areas of interest:

Pattern Recognition

Computer Vision

Machine Learning

Paradiso, Michael


The neural basis of visual perception.

Areas of interest:

Visual dynamics

Natural vision

Temporal coding

Serre, Thomas


To understand the brain mechanisms

underlying the recognition of

objects and complex visual scenes

using a combination of behavioral,

imaging and physiological techniques,

which are supported by rigorous

computational models.

Areas of interest:

Biological and machine vision

Computational neuroscience

Sanes, Jerome


Investigating mechanisms of visual-

motor coordination and learning using

neuroimaging and psychophysics.

Areas of interest:

Visual-motor coordination

Visual-motor learning


Sasaki, Yuka


Understanding neural mechanisms of

visual learning and roles of sleep

Areas of Interest:

Visual perceptual learning

Learning consolidation during sleep


Schloss, Karen 


Understanding visual perception and

aesthetic response

Areas of interest:

Color Perception and Aesthetics

Perceptual Organization

Information Visualization

Visual Illusions

Sheinberg, David


How the brain sees a complex world.

Areas of interest:

Object perception

Visual recognition

Behavioral neurophysiology

Song, Joo-Hyun


Investigating underlying mechanisms

involved in integrating higher-order

cognitive processes and visually-

guided actions

Areas of interests:

Target selection



Visually-guided actions

Sudderth, Erik

Computer Science

Statistical approaches to visual

tracking, recognition, and scene

understanding, including probabilistic

graphical models and Bayesian


Areas of Interest:

Computer Vision

Machine Learning

Statistics of Natural Scenes

Taubin, Gabriel


Development of efficient, simple, and

mathematically sound algorithms to

operate on 3D objects represented as

polygonal meshes, with an emphasis on

technologies to enable the use of 3D

models for Web-based applications.

Tsiaras, William


Appointment at Brown Medical School:

Clinical Professor of Surgery


Warren, William


Research focuses on the visual control

of locomotion and navigation, combining

experiments in a large-scale virtual

environment (the VENLab) with

dynamic systems modeling.

Areas of interest:

Locomotor behaviors

Watanabe, Takeo


The neural basis of visual plasticity,

decision-making and preference

Areas of interest:

Visual perceptual learning

Decision-making and preference

Online neurofeedback

Welch, Leslie


Understanding low- to mid-level feature


Areas of interest:

Visual psychophysics

Motion perception

Perceptual learning

Wooten, Billy


My research is concerned with several

aspects of vision and visual perception.

Areas of interest:

Physiological Optics

Achromatic Perception

Color Vision

Zimmerman, Anita


Understanding the function and

regulation of ion channels in visual

transduction and retinal disease.

Areas of interest:

Visual transduction

Retinal diseases

Ion channels

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