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Vision Coursework

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Recently offered courses covering vision are:

The Brain: An Introduction to Neuroscience, NEUR 0010

Seeing with Sound: The Biology of Bats and Dolphins, NEUR 0190

Neural Systems, NEUR 1030

Developmental Neurobiology, NEUR 1040

Experimental Neurobiology, NEUR 1600

Structure of the Nervous System, NEUR 1650

Neuropharmacology and Synaptic Transmission, NEUR 1670

Computational Neuroscience, NEUR 1680

Neuroimaging, NEUR 1710

Cognitive Neuroscience, NEUR 1660

From Neurons to Perception, NEUR 1930B

Cells and Circuits of the Nervous System, NEUR 1930D

Great Controversies in Neurobiology, NEUR 1930E

Brain Interfaces in Humans, NEUR 1930F

Neuroethology, NEUR 1940B

Topics in Visual Physiology, NEUR 1940C

Graduate Proseminar in Neuroscience, NEUR 2010

Graduate Proseminar in Neuroscience, NEUR 2020

Advanced Systems Neuroscience, NEUR 2050

Advanced Cognitive Neuroscience, NEUR 2060

Seminar in Higher Cortical Function, NEUR 2110

Topics in Visual Physiology, NEUR 2120

Neurochemistry and Behavior, NEUR 2160

Human Neurobiology, NEUR 2600

Advanced Computational Neuroscience, NEUR 2930A

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Theory and Practice, NEUR 2930B

Historical Foundations of the Neurosciences, NEUR 2930C, 294G

Mechanisms of Neurological Disease, NEUR 2940C

The Neural Representation of Objects, NEUR 2940F

Principles of Physiology, BIOL 0800

Cell Physiology and Biophysics, BIOL 1100

Computing as Done in Brains and Computers, COGS 0100A

Perception, Illusion, and the Visual Arts, COGS 0110

Perception and Mind, COGS 0440

Neural Modeling Laboratory, COGS 1020

Human Factors, COGS 1160

Computational Vision, COGS 1200

Computational Cognitive Science, COGS 1280

Understanding the Brain, COGS 1290

Ecological Approach to Perception and Action, COGS 1380

Visualizing Vision, COGS 1440

The Evolution of Perceptual Systems, COGS 1540

3D Shape Perception, COGS 1860B

Eye Movement Methodology, COGS 1860F

Foundations of Brain-Like Computer Design, COGS 1860G

Seminar on Neural Nets and Connectionism, COGS 1860M

The Dynamical Systems Approach in Cognitive Science, COGS 1860O

Theories of Visual Attention, COGS 1860P

Philosophy and the Science of Perception, COGS 1860V

Auditory-Visual Interaction, COGS 1860X

The Cognitive and Neural Bases of High-Level Vision, COGS 1940

Perception, COGS 2200C

Mathematical Methods in the Brain Sciences, APMA 0410

Quantitative Models of Biological Systems, APMA 1070

Information Theory, APMA 1710

Mathematical Biology, 1940E

Mathematical Models in Biophysics, APMA 1940L

Mathematical Techniques for Neural Modeling, APMA 2810J

Visual Thinking/Visual Computing, CSCI 0240

Introduction to Computer Vision, CSCI 1430

Computational Models of the Neocortex, CSCI 2950I

Topics in Brain-Computer Interfaces, CSCI 2950O

Topics in Computer Vision, CSCI 2950Q

Perception, PSYC 0270

Perception and Mind, PSYC 0440

Brain Damage and Mind, PSYC 0470

Human Sensory Processing, PSYC 1190

Motion Perception, PSYC 1850

Topics in Visual Perception, PSYC 1860A

Seminar in Physiological Psychology, PSYC 1870

Graduate Seminar in Vision, PSYC 2100

Experimental Psychology: Sensation, Perception and Memory, PSYC 2150

Graduate Core in Perception, PSYC 2400